day 67 – wintry mix

wintery mix

the snow finally arrived last night or early this morning, i hope this is the last of it. this is the view i usually stare at when i’m supposed to be working.

4 thoughts on “day 67 – wintry mix

  1. Val, this is one awesome shot! When I first looked at it I actually thought it was a painting or a drawing, using a pencil and perhaps a bit of charcoal. I love the way you captured the snow on the tree branches because it gives them a ‘highlighted’ effect.

    REALLY nice!

    Yes, it snowed here today as well, but I hear we’re getting some warmer and sunnier weather this weekend.

    Enjoy, girl!


  2. v says:

    wow, ron. you have a very good eye. i don’t like this photo, but that’s how it is sometimes. i ran it through a program that does pencil (painting, etc) sketches and it gave birth to the above.

    today was awesome, right! and tomorrow will be nice as well. enjoy your weekend~

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