day 70 – queen of diamonds

queen of diamonds

i had a great morning and basically that meant my morning went as i planned the night before. i always have this idea of how i want things to happen but it hardly ever turns out that way.  some days i’m so unorganized everything turns into a rush. of course, kids do not understand the time factor nor do they move with adult urgency which usually results constant shouts of: hurry up!  so it was great to have a no rush, stress-free morning.

i had a few minutes of downtime at work and was doing some reading (cough) when i came across the technique above called slow sync flash and wanted to give it a try.  other than the fact that  i hardly ever use flash for anything, the jury is still out on this technique and image.  i may have to try with another subject.


3 thoughts on “day 70 – queen of diamonds

  1. And yet, ANOTHER brilliant shot, Val! I can actually see that card moving!

    Holy cow…you’re like a MAGICIAN of special effects for photos!!!

    Truly girl, awesome shot!

    And thank you for sharing the link on how you did this because I bookmarked it so I can go back and use it as a reference for future photos.

    Glad you had a great day!

    Enjoy your evening….X

    • v says:

      yes i did, meleah and haven’t had such a great morning since. i do have to plan for those types of mornings. txs


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