day 73 – stranger # 1: cheese

stranger # 1 - cheese

woohoo. i bagged my first stranger or strangers. i don’t photograph many people and thought this would be a good way to get in the habit.  i have no problem approaching strangers and asking for a picture. i merely have to feel like it (rejection is not a problem either) but didn’t initiate the process for the above photo.

cheese, i’m not sure of the spelling of his name, is the guy on the right. he works at the corner store not far from my home.  i went in to get a bag of chips, he noticed my camera and said, “cool camera.” that’s all i needed to hear. i said do you want your photo taken? he said sure and grabbed his friend.

i didn’t make a production out of the process and took one quick photo. i may even stop back by the store and give him a copy of this photo.

i gave him my card which briefly explained the 100 strangers project and left a happy camper.

say cheese.

From 100 Strangers Website:

The idea

The One Hundred Strangers project is a learning group for people who want to improve the social and technical skills needed for taking portraits of strangers and telling their stories. The method is learning by doing.

3 thoughts on “day 73 – stranger # 1: cheese

  1. AWESOME capture, Val! Love the whiskey bottle in both their hands and the different expressions on their face. And do you know what’s funny? I sat here and stared at this photo for over 5 minutes; looking at the the stuff on the shelves behind the two guys.

    Before I left this comment, I went over and checked out the 100 Strangers Project website. How cool is that! I really should try this project myself because I’m getting to a point where I want to start photographing people – people I see on the streets – because it makes for a really interesting photo.

    I am so looking forward to seeing more of these photos.

    You GO, girl!


    • v says:

      thanks ron. he actually grabbed the bottle to pose with it. oh yeah i looked at the stuff in the back myself, just because.

      i always get in a conversation with peeps, not sure why but i’m comfortable talking to peeps. finding the right person who will let you take their photo and upload will probably be the most challenging, but we’ll see. i thought i would have my first stranger in the park, but nerp.

      i’m looking forward to it as well ron. i have to remember to carry some paper with me so i can write down interesting facts about the person to share or at least their name.


      p.s. yeah, give the project a go.


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