day 75 – bj’s wholesale

like costco, one of the best things about bj’s is sampling the food they sell.  of course, i’ve never seen any samples of  cookies out for a taste. i would get a lawn chair from their garden department, have a seat and go to town. they probably would ask me to leave.  this was a sample of sea bass.  not much taste, but with some seasoning it could be delicious. threw a bag in the cart.

they sell books too, but i’ll save money by going to the library.  still i love to browse.

kid shoes are always cute, probably because they are so small.

yay, i had to take a photo of the cookies and circle them a few times. i didn’t put any in my cart because i have some at home that i don’t need to be eating.

waiting in line to pay and entertaining myself by taking pictures.

pretzels.  took this one on the way out.  i have never eaten at bj’s, but the food at costco is good and at a good price for eating out.

no lawsuits allowed here,  go fall somewhere else.


4 thoughts on “day 75 – bj’s wholesale

  1. Can you believe that I’ve never been to a BJ’s!? But I have been to a Costco, so I’m thinking they’re similar.

    Great photos, Val! Love the shot of the kids sneakers. And you’re right,I think they’re so cute because they’re so small. OMG…the photo of those cookies made my mouth water. Especially the container of the chocolate chip ones (my weakness). And what tastes better than a hot pretzel with mustard on it? During the hot summer months I enjoy eating a pretzel and an Italian lemon water ice. The combination is stellar!

    Hope you’re having a FABU weekend, girl!

    Enjoy your evening!


    • v says:

      yep, it’s just like costco. so much that one of the chains should be suing the other. close your eyes and you wouldn’t be able to tell which store you’re at.

      i do love the kiddie shoes too and the cookies? well you know i love cookies. too bad there’s no cookie eating contest like they have with the hot dogs. i would turn that mother out. i mean er um, i would do very well and perhaps come in 2nd place.

  2. ” i’ve never seen any samples of cookies out for a taste. i would get a lawn chair from their garden department, have a seat and go to town.”


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