day 77 – stranger #2: mark anthony

mark anthony

i stopped by the gas station on my way home from work this evening and of course, i had my camera out snapping photos of anything that moved or didn’t move.  i really was minding my own business as i waited for my car to be topped off.

as i’m typing this i have no idea how much i paid for a full tank of gas.  i’m guessing $63, i will look at my receipt when i’m done typing here.  normally i always look at the price as it’s being pumped because i’m also crying at how much gas cost, but this guy distracted me.

he walked by my car and mouthed, “are you taking my picture?”  i thought he was mad. in my mind i frowned as if to say, puh-leeze, then i thought about my project and i was like hmmm.

i waved my hand and said, “come here.”

he came over to my car and i rolled my window down. i explained to him that i was taking a photo of my windshield and not his picture, but if he wanted me to i would.  he was like sure, let me put my headphones in and i want to be looking away from the camera.  made me laugh, people don’t normally set up their own shots. he asked if i would bring the photo back, i said i would but could email it to him.  i did show him his photo on the LCD screen and he seemed to be very happy with it.

i gave him my cards and briefly explained the 100 strangers project to him.  i asked him for his name and he said mark,  mark anthony.  i said isn’t there a singer named marc anthony and he said yes.  his mother’s father was puerto rican and he’s half and half.  i said, oh you’re half and half like milk and we said good night.

thanks mark for participating, it was fun.

p.s. a full tank of gas cost me $62.99. had i saw that i would have freaked out and asked for $63.00.


2 thoughts on “day 77 – stranger #2: mark anthony

  1. Val, this is just too funny because when I first read your post title on my reader, I thought, “Wow…she met Mark Anthony, the singer!!!

    What a great story this is, along with a GREAT photo!! And I think it’s hysterical that he set up his own photo. But I have to say….he was right, it’s a wonderful shot with him looking away!

    I’m loving these 100 strangers posts you’re posting, because it’s so cool seeing your photos of such different people and your stories together. VERY fun!

    OMG….$62.99 for a tank full of gas?!?!? I remember a time when I had a car and it coast $15.00 to fill it up and I thought THAT was high!&#!?

    Hope you had a super evening, girl!


    • v says:

      hey ron. i doubt i will be anywhere the real marc anthony would be, but this mark can stand in for him. yes, this is an interesting project. i did have one person reject having their photo taken, but i must press on. project has to be done. it is nice “getting to know” and chatting with people. i normally don’t mind saying a hello, but that’s about it. i don’t want to shoot and run, wham and bam people, so finding subjects will take a little more time.

      yes, sir. $62.99. that is my FIRST time leaving a gas station and not knowing how much i paid. not that it matters, when i go to the pump i know i have to bend over and take it like a man. car needs gas. i am a little impressed i guessed the price so close. when i let my car drain down to E and the light is on, i know it’s going to be over 60 bucks. when i finally fill it up, it’s just my car’s way of saying – for riding around on E – you’re going to pay for this.

      and i do.


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