day 81 – clouds

i love a clear, blue sky, but i also love puffy, white clouds. instead of going for my lunchtime walk, i sat in my car and cloud watched. i dreamed of 99 degree weather and feeling the sun on my bare arms. sadly, even though it’s spring, it’s still quite cold with more snow expected on monday.

earlier today, i read the funniest article on yahoo. punxsutawney phil was indicted and accused of deception.

i can’t wait for summer.


2 thoughts on “day 81 – clouds

  1. Beeeeeeeeautiful capture, Val! I love clouds, so this photo really made me feel wonderful. During the summer months, I love to lay in the grass and just watch the clouds blow by; trying to catch strange formations.

    Can you BELIEVE this weather? One day warm, the next freezing. Today it was VERY cold here in Philly. Even me, someone who loves winter, I’m ready for some REAL spring.

    Btw, I went over and read the article on the groundhog – HILARIOUS!!!!

    Have a great evening, girl!


    • v says:

      i love clouds too, so beautiful to look at. today was another blue sky, cloudy day. i wish it was 99 degrees outside, i could get a lawn chair and look up at the clouds for hours. i’m anxious for summer this year.

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