day 82 – fish eye


decided on a different look today, so i used my fish eye lens exclusively.  not an easy lens to find subjects for but it’s a lot of fun.


first stop at the mall this afternoon.  i really hate the mall, but have to go there on occasion.


a quick stop into GNC to replace my protein drink shaker bottle. i lost the little ball.


yes, that’s my cart and i don’t know how those reese’s got in there. 


2 thoughts on “day 82 – fish eye

  1. Cool fish eye effect, Val!

    When I initially looked at the first one, it reminded me of a world globe, or an aerial view of the earth from outer space. I love how you caught the sun as if it’s a SPARK of light in the universe!

    My camera comes with a built in fish eye effect, so I’m going to have to try it out because this looks like a ton of FUN!

    “yes, that’s my cart and i don’t know how those reese’s got in there.”

    HA! That’s okay, because my cart always has Twizzlers get in there 🙂

    Hope you had a fab day! Wasn’t the weather today fantastic?

    Enjoy your evening!

    • v says:

      thanks, ron. i wanted to go out in to an open field for the first photo so nothing else would be in it, but never made it, but yes it has that look. it’s an extremely wide lens and sometimes found myself in the photo. i love wide angle.

      yes, give it a try. there are so many filters and features in cameras that we never get around to using. this year i will make an attempt to use every filter and feature my camera is capable of doing.

      the weather was great actually, though a little chilly and windy. i felt an abundance of gratitude and joy while being outside. sight is a gift!

      and oh yeah, because of my sight i have the gift of fat on my belly. hahahah. nom nom nom.

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