day 85 – looking back



5 a.m. began my day as usual.  i got in a 40 minute walk; not pain-free but i felt a little better afterward.  made breakfast,  bagged up all my belongings then went to work.  didn’t get there in enough time for another workout so i showered and got dressed.  work was work and by lunch time i was famished and craved food.  i picked up something from the cafeteria and ate my lunch on the treadmill during my warm up.  who eats on the treadmill?  finished the majority of my work slightly before quitting time. i barely had any time at home as i had to run out again and i’m  just returning for the evening.

not quite sure what to make of this photo and i forget the name of the flower. ;(

2 thoughts on “day 85 – looking back

  1. Val, this photo is exquisite! It has an ‘ethereal’ quality about it. And I love the angle you shot it at – from behind. Thus…”looking back.”

    I don’t know the name of this flower either, but it kinda looks like a camellia.

    “i picked up something from the cafeteria and ate my lunch on the treadmill during my warm up. who eats on the treadmill? ”

    You GO, girl! That’s what I call multitasking at it’s BEST!

    Wasn’t the weather today beautiful? I had off, so I walked around the city, taking some photos.

    Enjoy you’re evening!


  2. v says:

    good morning, ron.

    i like the composition of the photo, but wish i had more time to play around with it in post. something’s off, but there wasn’t much time left. i get a lot of my flowers from my job, the receptionist told me the name of this flower, but i forgot. it’s a flower with a funny name, to me anyway.

    yep, i ate on the treadmill. one of the benefits of being first in the gym. i get to pretend i own the joint and then i can do all the weird stuff i need to do before i have to act normal.

    oh goodie, so hopefully you’ll be posting some photos soon. you find the best and most interesting stuff to photograph. i hope with can get together several times for some shutter therapy this year, in philly and new york.

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