day 86 – silhouette v

look at me posting early. woohoo. wednesday may be self-portrait day from here on out. you’ve been warned. my preference would be to upload in the late afternoon, but nothing happens as we wish and the day is still young.

this was not the silhouette i had in mind for today’s photo. the one i anticipated taking after my workout this morning had grit, perhaps a monochrome, it was sweaty and artistic. i bring you the iphone alternative. womp, womp, womp.

i woke up this morning around three because my stomach was growling and i had to eat right away. i stopped at the bathroom to medicate before making my way to the kitchen. the only thing available was a bag of veggie chips, so i put a handful on a napkin, took them back to bed and ate them under the covers like a foodie at a fat farm.

i did manage to go back to sleep and after waking up and walking around decided it was a rest day, no workout for me. like yesterday i packed my bag, showered and got dressed at work. the woman with no toilet at home was there and has been every day this week.

i spent a few minutes making my usual rounds saying hello to my coworkers and trying to convince one to embrace back-in parking (yesterday she noticed and was shocked that i back my car in the spot instead of head in parking. shudders). then she proceeded to take a poll on who backs it up and who parks front first. she said she would try to back her car in tomorrow just for me. awwwwh. and this is the stuff that goes on at work.

i left my debit card at home. i couldn’t go to shoprite and had no cash so i had to beg and borrow from a friend. she gave me seven bucks but i told her my lunch is never more than two or three dollars (we pay by weight). i hardly ever eat a big lunch and the owner of the cafeteria always gives me a discount, not sure why, but i appreciate it. lunch was two dollars.

came back from lunch and did work. it’s been quite busy at the pen these past few weeks. i guess business is good.


2 thoughts on “day 86 – silhouette v

  1. Awesome silhouette shot, Val! You look like you have a HALO aura around your head! Looking forward to your self-portrait shots on Wednesdays!

    ” trying to convince one to embrace back-in parking”

    Funny, when I drove, I liked backing-in as well because it makes exiting the spot so much easier because you can SEE as you’re pulling out of the spot; not accidentally hitting a passing car through the lot.

    “i left my debit card at home.”

    Don’t ya hate that? I never carry cash with me since the invention of the debit card, so if I leave it at home, I have no money.

    Sounds like you had a terrific day, girl!

    Enjoy your evening!


  2. v says:

    yikes. i’m just seeing this photo on my computer. it’s horrible. LOL.

    the girl didn’t show up today. i think she was afraid to back in park.

    yeah i had to borrow money yesterday AND today. i’m a mess.

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