day 87 – blue door


have i mentioned that i’m a creature of habit? wait, why do i have to be a creature and not a human. i’m merely repeating a phrase i’ve heard whether i understand it or not but i’ve already typed it so it’s all water under the bridge.

at work i park my car in the same spot, if it’s not taken, and the same way every day. i don’t have to think about where my car is and it’s easy to find if i stay in the same area. someone who works with me even said they look for my car to be in that particular spot and when it’s not there she thinks i’m absent. even if i arrive at work early and have dibs on prime parking, i will still park on the third level farther away from the door.

today i went out during my lunch time and took this photo along my travels. i like the two-toned, half-arsed paint job with a splash of red, so i shot it while at the light.

when i got back to work, my spot was taken, but i noticed there was a spot on the 2nd level next to the steps, so i drove around, backed my car in and went inside.

at 5:01, all of the people who really love their job were seen running from the building screaming – i was leading the pack – and i jokingly said to the woman next to me who can never find her car (she’s always roaming the parking lot) if she needed an escort to her car. she looked around, spotted her car and said no.

i continued my gallop up to the third tier and looked around. i could not find where i parked my car. i looked around at possible other areas i might have parked and nothing.

i turned around with my hand over my mouth saying “i can’t find my car.” another person saw my face said, “what’s wrong, what’s wrong?” i started to laugh and said, “i can’t find my car, i don’t know where i parked it.”

my eyes roamed the parking lot and then i spotted it and realized i passed it on the way up the stairs and said, “there it is.” i told my coworker that i was just teasing my other co-worker about her not being able to find her car and i walked right past mine.

and here’s my sign.



2 thoughts on “day 87 – blue door

  1. “i turned around with my hand over my mouth saying “i can’t find my car.”

    Bwhahahahahhaha! OMG…that made me HOWL, only because when I had a car and drove, I was FOREVER losing my car in the parking lot. One time I actually thought someone had STOLEN it and reported it to one of the security guys in the mall, only to find my car on the OPPOSITE side of the mall – HA!

    LOVE the stupid sign!!!

    And I also LOVE the photo! Gorgeous color! And I love the raw, rustic look!

    Well done!

    Have a fabu evening, girl!


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