day 91 – 8:10 PM

810 PM

this is what happens when i wait until the evening to take my photo of the day. everything looks good and is susceptible to an upload. vinyls hanging from the ceiling by a thread.

4 thoughts on “day 91 – 8:10 PM

  1. “vinyls hanging from the ceiling by a thread.”

    Way cool photo, Val! It looks like an LP mobile that you would see in a 50’s vintage store. Holy cow, I am so impressed that you still have LP’S! Before I moved from Florida to Philly, I did a stupid, stupid thing. I tossed out ALL my LP’s, can you believe that?! And I had a TON of them.Today, LP’s are worth a lot money.

    Have a fabu evening, girl!


  2. v says:

    hey, ron. i got nothing. this wasn’t exactly the photo in my mind, but at certain hours frustration sets in and, well be afraid. lol

    i do have a few LPs i refused to part with, but these are not mine. question is, where the heck are my LPs? i have an idea and will be making a phone call. humpf. don’t have anything to play them on anymore tho.

    not sure how much they’re worth today. mine? not so much.

    enjoy the day!

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