day 93 – schoolgirl

woke up this morning not feeling like a million, but got dressed and went to work anyway. today is going to be a crazy one at the pen, but then i’m off for the next two days. took this picture before leaving for work. happy wednesday.


4 thoughts on “day 93 – schoolgirl

  1. As I’ve shared with you before, Val, I LOVE YOUR TASTE IN STYLE!

    You might not feel like a million, but you LOOK like a million.

    That outfit is faaaaaaaaaaabulous! Love the stitching on the skirt and the white ribbon belt!

    Work it, girl!

    Great to hear you have the next two days off. Yahoo!


    • v says:

      good morning, ron. thanks. this is my school girl look. someone at work said i look feminine? huh. how could i respond to that but to grab my crotch and in my deepest male voice say “thank you?” thought i always look feminine except when i wear my necktie and wingtips. lol

      i’m never feeling like a million, i’m sure i thought about weeping yesterday morning. work wasn’t as brutal as i thought it would be with multiple deals pre-closing at the same time, but i was glad when the school bell rang. i was audi, like the car.

      yes, so happy for these days off. have a great day.

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