day 94 – clearview

20130404-184151.jpgtoday was mostly a day of leisure except a movie run this afternoon. my family is visiting from out of state for a few days and i took the kids to see the croods. the first theater we went to was sold out and we ended up at this one.


4 thoughts on “day 94 – clearview

  1. Really nice capture, Val! Love the steely look of the theater in contrast to the beautiful deep, blue sky!

    That is one awesome-looking movie theater!

    So glad to hear that your family is visiting. Enjoy your time together!


    • v says:

      thanks, ron. it does have a nice look on the outside, it’s not so bad on the inside, a little small. one side of the building is for live shows and the other for movies. i haven’t been to a show at the PAC. oh yes, family fun time. it’s always nice to see them and get together, the kid enjoys being the eldest and having playmates around.


    • v says:

      it’s nice and not too old either. the theater we were in was small and my niece hated the seats. she’s was going to complain on the survey. she’s 10 and my brother’s child. šŸ˜‰ hi kcm.

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