day 95 – breadsticks


today was a nice day as was the weather, finally. i went for an afternoon walk without a coat and it was so peaceful that for a minute i listened to the silence. then i inserted my ear plugs in my ear and listened to one song for my entire 40+ minute walk. surprisingly, i felt better than i have on my previous walks and maintained a decent pace.  

after i got home, i showered and rested until it was time to leave for a family dinner at the olive garden i thought was tomorrow. it was fun; my family is crazy and we always have a great time laughing and telling stories. tonight was no different.

4 thoughts on “day 95 – breadsticks

  1. Val, this post put a warm smile on my face as you spoke of your family. I can tell you really enjoy each other!

    Okay, is there anything better than hot bread sticks from the Olive Garden? I can eat a dozen of them in one sitting!

    Yes, today’s weather was gorgeous and I hear that the whole weekend will be the same. I’m looking forward to spending the day outdoors on Sunday.

    Enjoy your evening, girl!


  2. v says:

    hey, ron. yes we do enjoy each other’s company. i think we’re all crazy on some level; an animated and vocal group (not me) especially at dinner. i could never serve us if i were a waitress. my brother is notorious – nice man – but don’t get his order wrong. we all look down and say quick, silent prayers. yeah we usually see the manager. lol

    i didn’t have any bread. actually i was full after the salad and my drink.

    the weather was AWWWWESOME yesterday. i haven’t been out today ;(, maybe tomorrow.


    • v says:

      we are an entertaining bunch. drama queens, royal kings and then there’s me. well i can make them laugh if i feel like it. 😉

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