day 98 – macro monday

macro monday

i saw this minute flower, shorter than the length of my pinkie finger, on my walk yesterday and pulled it out of the ground with the purpose of photographing it today.

when i woke up this morning the flower (smaller than the size of my fingernail) had closed, but gradually opened by mid-morning. this wasn’t an easy one to compose after i went bonsai on it and trimmed it to my “liking.” it fell apart and there was nothing left for a second chance.


4 thoughts on “day 98 – macro monday

  1. Okay, first I gotta say that you and I were on the same page yesterday because while I was sitting a park by my apartment, I saw a patch of tiny, tiny purple flowers. So I took out my camera and set it on macro mode and snapped about 5 shots. I still haven’t uploaded them to my computer, but I may be posted them sometimes this week.

    Second, GREAT shot, Val! Love the detail of the petal veins and the fuzzy stuff on the green bud!


    I bet you loved the weather today. They said it was only in the low 70’s but it felt MUCH warmer than that in Philly. Tomorrow the same. Yup…spring is here!!!


    • v says:

      hey ron! i thought of you sunday when you said you’d be spending the day outside enjoying the weather. can’t wait to see your photos. woohoo. i was walking with my head down that day, there so much to see. i should do that more often.

      that flower was extremely tiny ron. i kept it alive by putting water in a bottle cap.

      yes, i am happy with the weather. i thought i heard someone complaining about how “hot” it was today and i was like hold the, well hold up. they said they weren’t. lol. i’m lovin’ it, baby. bring on the heat.

      have a good night.

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