day 100 – 100 days


i am my 100th photo in this project, woohoo. when i woke up this morning (around 3 a.m.) i thought it was tuesday and didn’t realize it was wednesday until after 8 a.m. how sad.

as i mentioned last week, wednesday is self-portrait day since it’s my busiest day of the week. it saves me time from having to look for something/someone to photograph. i’m always available or at least some part of me. one would think i’d also be able to upload my photo earlier than…what time is it, 10:00 p.m?

this is my 2nd time undertaking the 365 photo project and while i don’t feel as creative as i did the first go around i can’t image not taking pictures.¬†

however, doing so daily is a challenge. there are days i want to give up, days i want to curse, days i want to pull my hair out and then there are the days when photography is the best thing in the world. taking a photo a day is easy, but taking a creative or interesting photo i like is not. i suppose this is what’s meant by a labor of love. what i’m most proud of during this project thus far is not that i haven’t missed a photo, but that i haven’t skipped the numbered days in the post title. i fear skipping a day because i don’t want to go back to correct it.

2 thoughts on “day 100 – 100 days

  1. “i am my 100th photo in this project.”

    *thunderous applause*

    I am so proud you of, Val! Yes, I remember the last time you undertook this project and I was amazing because I don’t think I could have done it.

    And listen, (and I really mean this) I enjoy ALL your photographs. Your images always inspire me to learn something from them. You’ve got a wonderful eye and natural talent for the camera. So thank you for all that you teach me!

    Funny, I actually thought today was Thursday, until I spoke to my brother on the phone earlier tonight and found out it was WEDNESDAY – HA!

    Enjoy your evening, girl!


  2. v says:

    whoo, i made it to 100 and don’t you know on day 102, i repeated day 101 in the subject title. i’m an idiot, hand to go back and change it.

    a photo a day is hard work, but i will keep at it, even posting the crap. soon enough it will be buried. ha.

    i think my days were off because i didn’t go to work monday and it sucked. yeah, that’s it.


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