day 103 – the joy of sax


i photographed a party this afternoon for a friend. i was not in the best of moods to be around people, but i’m glad i went and kept my word.  this is one of the players from the live band.


3 thoughts on “day 103 – the joy of sax

  1. “The Joy of Sax”

    Bwhahahahhahahahaha! OMG Val, that was a BRILLIANT post title, girl!

    And hey, I’m lovin’ this photo as well! When I first looked at it, I thought it was a photograph of a sculpture you took because the awesome ‘effect’ you gave it.

    And I love the sound of a sax. It’s my favorite woodwind instrument!

    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!


    • v says:

      Hey, Ron. Sometimes the post title comes first, then I look for a photo. 😉

      Wasn’t sure how to process this photo. I wanted an old, dated look and if he looks like a statue, then I guess that’s okay. Jury’s out but at the time of posting everything looked okay to me.

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