day 104 – deluxe apartment in the sky

as seen on my morning walk. there’s nothing special about this photo other than i admired the light on the building and the clouds in the sky. however, there is a bit of personal history i will share. i had relatives who lived there for many years until they moved to another town and then out of state. several years later i put in an offer to buy one of the condos and my offer was rejected. it was too low. the apartment was nice, sunken living room with views of NJ and NY. there’s a doorman, in complete uniform, like ralph from the jeffersons. there was once an outdoor pool i don’t believe is now operable, not the penthouse floor, and there is still a small park on the roof as well. it also housed a hair salon at one time which has been replaced with a dentist and law office. not sure what else is in there. rumor has it cece peniston was a resident at one time. i never saw her and can’t confirm. a few weeks after my offer was turned down, the woman who was selling it saw me driving on the street one day and chased me down. she told me to take the apartment for the price i offered, but then it was my turn to reject her offer. my cardboard box is sufficient and less maintenance too.


4 thoughts on “day 104 – deluxe apartment in the sky

  1. ” but then it was my turn to reject her offer. my cardboard box is sufficient and less maintenance too.”

    BRAVA! You GO, girl! OMG, I bet she hated herself for holding out for a higher offer (which she obviously never got), and then got rejected from you – HA!

    Great shot! Love the lighting AND the shadows. As well as the cloud in the sky. Funny, you and I must be on the same wave-length for image taking because a few weeks ago I took a shot of a building (very much the same look and color of the one in your photo), but I haven’t posted it yet. I took it because I liked the color of the building and the way the sun was hitting the balcony’s; causing these awesome shadows.

    Hope you had a super weekend. I spent most of today outside and enjoying the spectacular weather; taking photos. I even got some sun!

    Have a great week!


    • v says:

      greetings ron. she was desperate to get rid of it and i offered her all the money i had, of which now i have none of. ha! i don’t know if it was a blessing or not that i didn’t get the place. oh well.

      cool, can’t wait to see your pics. sun is nice.


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