day – 107 – rush hour II

 rush hour II

rush hour part II has begun, but i had a few minutes for a photo.  there’s a lot wrong with this pic, but at least it’s not of my face. happy wednesday or self-portrait day!  busy day at work walking in these heels and i need a serious foot rub.


6 thoughts on “day – 107 – rush hour II

  1. Okay first, I need to know HOW you took this shot of yourself!?!?

    And second, it’s an AWESOME shot, Val!!! It looks like a graphic illustration! I love the “glowy sheen effect” and how the grain in the wooden stairs just pops!

    You are so dang clever, girl!



    P.S you’ve got faaaaaaabulous legs!

  2. v says:

    greetings, ron. well i must always have a camera with a rotating or flip LCD screen just in case i need to do a self-portrait. that’s the only way i can see what i’m doing, what’s in focus, where i need to be, what needs to be moved out of the shot, etc. the screen on my camera flips up, down and out.

    i actually like the processing with this shot, i usually suck at post-processing – not my thing – but i’m trying to play with it a little more to give my photographs a different look.

    thanks. 😉

    • Oh, so THAT’S how you did it! I gotta to remember that when I get my next camera.

      “a rotating or flip LCD screen”

      Okay, will do. Thanks, Val!


      • v says:

        It’s really a necessity for me Ron. a time saver and easier too. You should definitely look into getting a camera with one when you upgrade.

    • v says:

      i don’t hate them, sometimes with certain outfits, heels are a must. i just don’t normally run in mine which is what i was doing that day.

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