day 113 – between the sheets

between the sheets


this is what a slow day in photography looks like.  i was really testing out a lens and this wasn’t my photo of the day, but i got nothing.

8 thoughts on “day 113 – between the sheets

  1. HA! Another FAB post title!

    You got nothing?!?! This is definitely SOMETHING. And something AWESOME!

    Ooooo Val, I love the shadows between the sheets of paper. This is a great photo for showing highlights and low lights. White, black and grey. And boy, those sheets of paper look thick.

    And brava on the composition!

    Well done, girl!


    • v says:

      hhahahah! i’m about to get in between the sheets.

      no, ron. i got nothing. i was photographing crayons at the last minute, time got away from me this evening. then when i imported my pictures, this test photo looked better than the hairy crayons i was about to upload. lol.

      ron, where are the words on the pages? where’d they go. i have to go back and look at the unedited photo. i edited in camera first and then imported it in to my computer for a little more editing. where are the words. i’m scared.



    • v says:

      thanks bwbears. it was much better than what i was going to upload, but i didn’t give this photo a second look until i uploaded it.

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