day 115 – strangers 3 & 4

Stranger No. 3 - Mariah

mariah outside signing people up to register to vote!

today was free ice cream day at my local carvel’s store. well i love free, so i had to support the cause and stopped by to get a vanilla ice cream cone, which was also my photo of the day.

as i was holding my camera up to take the picture, the owner, in the photo below said something to me. what, i don’t remember, but i told him i take a photo a day and the ice cream cone was it. he jokingly asked if i would take his picture and all i need a hint of interest before i’m firing up my camera.

i told him i could take his photo and about the 100 strangers project i was doing. mariah (in the photo above) was listening and said i could take her photo. i quickly gave her my attention. i confirmed she wanted her picture taken and she said yes, but with her clipboard.

mariah was out asking people if they were registered to vote and if not she was there to sign them up. we talked a minute, i showed her the photo and eventually gave her my card with a link to where she could see her photo as well as my business card and that’s when she told the owner he should have his picture taken because i take good pictures.


v, the owner of the store. april 25th was appreciation day and he showed his generosity by giving out free ice cream.

he agreed to have his photo taken, but first i asked him his name. he said it was V and i said, “hey, that’s MY name. well it’s valerie but i use V.” i’m sure his name was something longer than V but i never found out what. he was a little hesitant to look at the camera but eventually his eyes found the lens and i snapped his photo. we chatted for a minute and then i gave him one of my cards. thanks mariah and V for participating, i really appreciate it.

4 thoughts on “day 115 – strangers 3 & 4

  1. “and that’s when she told the owner he should have his picture taken because i take good pictures.”

    You SURE do, girl!

    I loved this post! You have a great way of capturing the ‘essence’ of the person you’re taking photos of. You always capture something in the EYES of the person that gives a glimpse into the heart and soul. And that’s talent my friend, because it means you put people at ease.

    These photos express such a beautiful warmth to both Mariah and V.

    And I applaud V for participating in Appreciation Day and giving out FREE ice cream. What a nice guy!

    Well done, Val!


  2. v says:

    thanks, ron. i had a lot of fun talking to mariah and v. it’s nice to know people from around the hood. when i’m driving and pass by an area where i photographed someone, i think back to meeting that person for the first time. i’m not that good with portraits anymore, gotta practice, not that i’m in a rush, but i don’t want to take up too much of their time, so planning goes out the window.

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