day 119 – promise


monday is usually macro day, but i didn’t feel like it. that’s code for my macro shot of buttons sucked. this perfume was given to me and i thought the bottle and the bow were cute. the name is interesting too. i never make promises, but should i ever whatever i promised is as good as done.


2 thoughts on “day 119 – promise

  1. Okay, since you know I’m in the beauty industry, I just HAD to find out about this perfume because I have never heard of it. LOVE the bottle!

    It’s from Payless Shoes! WOW! I didn’t even know they had their own line of fragrance, how cool is that! Kinda like the Gap. And from the description on the website I read, it’s sounds like it smells great.

    Awesome shot, Val! It truly looks like a professional ad photo!


    • v says:

      Really, Payless. Wow. It doesn’t smell as nice as the one you have me, but I can find an outfit for it. I wore it today actually, not sure it stayed with me, but just smelled myself and I can still smell it a little. I’ll have to go read the description now. Thanks, Ron

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