day 120 – a walk in the park

went for a walk in the park today. i liked the framing this tree provided.

one photo i wish the power lines were not visible.

i’ve been to this park many times and have never seen or walked across this bridge.

cherry blossoms. i believe this to be the name of the flower i photographed this past sunday.

glad the sun finally came out this afternoon. what a beautiful day for a walk.



6 thoughts on “day 120 – a walk in the park

  1. Bellissima, Val!

    Stunning shots! Yes, I too like the framing the tree provided in that first shot. REALLY nice! The one of the bridge is so cool. Love the depth of distance you captured. I have this ‘thing’ for bridges – love them! Especially walk-over bridges that go over streams or small rivers.

    The one of the cherry blossom tree is just lovely. Reminds me of something you would see in Japan! I love right now, how the cherry blossom trees are in FULL bloom!

    Thanks for sharing your walk in the park!


    • v says:

      thanks, ron. i’m so glad i went to the park that day. it was a beautiful as was today. i like walking across bridges too. i tried different processing with each photo, i think.

  2. STUNNING ! These are some truly beautiful clicks, V ! esp the “CHERRY BLOSSOMS” one – just like a dream comes true to me > v < ! Love it so much!

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