day 121 – brook and v

not a fan of today.  this is my teddy, brook and he was  given to my by kathy at the dru, oh wow, i almost typed drunk drawer.  who’s the drunk one here?  not me, just for the record. kathy at the junk drawer blog.   he’s the johnson and johnson of bears, certified to make me feel better and he gives great hugs too.

4 thoughts on “day 121 – brook and v

  1. OMG…he is sooooooooooooo CUTE, Val!!!

    I just wanna hug him because he looks so soft, fluffy and huggable! And what a precious face.

    Love his name…Brook. Yes, he looks like a Brook!

    And bless Kathy from the “Drunk Drawer” for giving him to you!

    *two thumbs up, Kathy*

    I hope Brook helped your day be a little bit better…..X

    • v says:

      isn’t he, ron? he’s named after my favorite brooklyn net player, brook lopez.

      and yes, let’s bless kathy.

      i was having problems thinking and typing last night, it took effort to get it right. maybe i had one too many, but i went to bed and woke up in less pain. w00t!

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