day 128 – rainy day

it rained, off and on, a lot today. I planned to take my selfie during my lunch, but the clouds were rolling in so I decided to wait until I got home. Not the shot I had in mind.


3 thoughts on “day 128 – rainy day

  1. Val, once again, you so impress me with your eye for composition.

    And your perspective on photographs is truly AWESOME!

    Love how you have your feet crossed and how you positioned the red umbrella!

    * two thumbs up*

    Wasn’t the weather weird today? One minute it was raining, the next the sun was out.

    Have a great evening!


    • v says:

      Thanks Ron. I like the red umbrella idea even though this was not the photo I had in mind. I had to cross my legs because I looked boring with me just standing there.

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