day 130 – before the rain

I, well how I got this shot is shameful but a quick snap on my way to Barnes and Noble. I tried to clean up the blown out sky in photoshop, I forgot to also set my camera to record the RAW file for such mistakes. Made it home before the rain.

3 thoughts on “day 130 – before the rain

  1. Well, however you got this shot and whatever you did, it worked, because it is BEYOND beautiful, Val!

    That sky took my breath away!

    *two very enthusiastic thumbs up*

    You inspire me, girl!

    Have a faaaaabulous weekend!


    • v says:

      Okay I’ll just keep quiet on how I took it but it was shot from the hip, so to speak. Spray and pray. Hehehe. I like the sky but I wish I could have more time getting the exposure right. Thanks.

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