day 133 – cold

chilly one today. found this little guy outside freezing its petals off. it was too windy to photograph outside so I brought him inside for the honors.


4 thoughts on “day 133 – cold

  1. *gasping*

    Okay Val, as soon as I saw this photo I thought, “I want it so that I can have it framed and hung on my wall!”

    OMG…just the simplicity of this shot alone is beyond stunning!

    There is something so beautifully Zen and peaceful about this image. Almost Asian.

    Also, I could see some sort of inspirational quote scripting on the left-hand side, like…

    “Live a life of simplicity.”

    Gorgeous. Simply, gorgeous!


    • v says:

      Really? I wasn’t too pleased with this photo, needs a little more work, but I like the composition. You always come up with the right feel for my pics. You are right with it needing some words on the left hand side.

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