day 134 – bbq

not a big meat eater, and refuse all meat on a bone, but I am a closeted cheeseburger eater. don’t judge. every once in a while my body will ask for a (turkey) cheeseburger and I give in. Tonight was that night.


4 thoughts on “day 134 – bbq

  1. HA! I am the exact same way, Val! Not a big meat eater. But when I do crave meat, it will usually be a BIG, FAT hamburger or turkey burger. LOVE them!

    Great photo! I could actually SMELL that barbecue sauce from here!


    • v says:

      why is that, Ron. What is it about the burger that keeps us going back. It’s a wee bit on the disgusting side but if I crave it, I’ll eat it. The burger was yummy, I won’t touch those ribs, literally. X

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