day 136 – just janet

just janet

this is janet. we work together even though she’s in the marketing department and i’m in the bond department, sometimes our worlds collide.

this morning she asked if she could be my photo of the day. i was surprised she remembered my project and told her yes. we were going to do something outside around lunch time, but she had a meeting and i left the office because i messed something up and wanted to get out of there before i was busted.

we both stayed after hours to finish up our respective projects and most likely will return to them tomorrow. everyone in my department is wearing the “i want to quit face” and hopefully the mayhem ends next thursday.

i quickly snapped this photo of janet pretending to read the paper, though she was working if anyone from work is reading this, before i left.  thanks for participating, janet. 

5 thoughts on “day 136 – just janet

  1. *waving*

    Hi Janet! Welcome to Val’s photo blog! What a pretty lady you are!

    Great capture, Val! Love the angle you shot this at. Janet has got a beautiful profile.


    • v says:

      oooh, i won’t tell her that, ron. it’ll just go to her head. hehehehe. i’ll be sure to pass the compliment along, really. we spent yesterday clowning around after work too, she’s fun to joke with. it’s kinda blurry. i was trying out some new gear that i don’t need, but i may work with it or send it back.

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