day 140 – coffee beans

coffee beans


one of my morning cravings, after it’s ground. i need to have at least a cup and a half before i leave the house then i drink a few more cups of decaf when i get to work.

4 thoughts on “day 140 – coffee beans

  1. Okay, you got me again with this photo, Val! This is another one of my drinking passions….COFFEE! But unlike you, I don’t grind them fresh in the morning (which I should) because coffee tastes so much better freshly ground.

    Holy cow….what an AMAZING image! Do you know that I can actually SMELL those beans – HA! Love the clarity in the texture and oily shine you captured.

    *two very enthusiastic thumbs up*

    Well done, girl!

    I think I’m gonna try to scratch and sniff that photo 🙂


    • v says:

      greetings, ron. i love coffee too and yes, it’s better when freshly ground, but i buy most of my coffee already ground. i don’t grind beans daily.

      i got these beans from whole foods and wooo weee, they will take your whole paycheck. the aroma was actually quote strong, i like a mile coffee. folger’s country roast is good for me.

      did you scratch it?



    • v says:

      you’re the queen of coffee. i remember when i was at your house briefly last year and you offered me a cup. next time, i will. i wish i could play golf with you. ;( nope, can’t yet. no swinging for me. goes for bowling too, can’t do that either.

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