day 141 – rockin’ the zen

i used to collect rocks as i saw them on the street. if one looked interesting i’d pick it up. maybe it’s stealing, but i “found” these rocks in the parking lot at work on the way back from my lunchtime walk.  

two people i work with asked if i was picking up trash.  i told them no and that i was picking up rocks. i had one for the person who asked and two more for the other people i work with and if i had to stay after 5 today, they each would get hit with a rock.

word got around that i had rocks and one boss asked if she could at least pick out her rock. yeah, i left at 5 today.  of course, i’m non-violent and would never physically hurt anyone.*

*temporary insanity may apply in some instances.


7 thoughts on “day 141 – rockin’ the zen

  1. “rockin’ the zen”

    Val, what a faaaaaaaaabulous post title to this faaaaaaaaaabulous photo!

    I swear, it looks like it should be the front cover for a Zen spa resort brochure/magazine!

    Love the touch of the cute yellow flowers. And the wood. The wood looks so cool against the rocks; adding more texture to the image.

    This photo rocks, girl. Get it? ROCKS. Bwhahahahahhaha!

    “*temporary insanity may apply in some instances.”

    Yup…me too!


    • v says:

      thank you, ron. sometimes the photos name themselves, i like when that happens. less thinking for me. 🙂 i did a similar shot to the above photo with my first 365, sans the flower. had to revisit it.

      yes, i get it. hehehehehehe.

      you rock too!

    • v says:

      heheheeheh. i had to iterate that it was just a joke. even today and showed my bosses the photo. good gaud. i never hurt anyone. one would think i was on the most wanted list from the talk about these rocks at work. it’s a new day people, next.

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