day 143 – serenity now

serenity now


i watched today’s storm from my office building window and tried to pick the best time to go outside to take pictures.  i felt like a storm chaser. (yes i did get in my car and drive to the other end of the parking lot just in case it was a downpour.)  the light, however, changed so quickly i wasn’t able to capture the storm look and took this photo  instead.  i visit this area when i want to be alone, take photos and eat my lunch.


3 thoughts on “day 143 – serenity now

  1. Beautiful capture, Val!

    Love the sky and wind on the water.

    Yes, it was the same here today. One minute the sun was out and the sky clear; the next the sky suddenly got dark and the clouds opened up and poured. However, it did cool the air and take away some of the humidity 🙂

    Enjoy your evening, girl!


    • v says:

      thanks, ron and today it’s freezing cold. i did leave the house without a jacket and thought i would be okay but when i came out at lunch time, the cold air came at me like a ninja behind a rock. i think my head flung back too, or my mouth opened. something happened, i was in shock. supposed to be like this all weekend. just makes me want to stay in the house and in the bed.

      later, friend.

      • I know, can you believe the DROP in temperature today?!?! Luckily, I took a jacket before I left for work.

        I do hope it’s not raining on Sunday and Monday because I want to get outside.

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