day 145 – dmv


spent part of the morning at the DMV; i hate going to this place. for one it makes me nervous and i fear i’m not going to have my six points (three documents needed to get a license), even though i had at least 12 points. i always bring backup just in case they won’t accept any of my documents. i can make another document appear out of thin air or my front hoodie pocket.

whenever i go there, i leave my attitude and frustration in the car. i am without emotion. i do believe if they wanted to they could make my life miserable. i show them a fearful respect, remember to smile, say good morning, please and thank you. i am not above a curtsey either, i just want to get the heck out of there.

i also make sure i have all of my documents out so that we do not have to talk to one another. i even had my check filled out for payment of my license renewal (i forgot my debit card at home and do not carry credit cards.) they will not wait on me for anything, i am at their mercy.

i arrived shortly after 8:00, 8:15 to be exact and they don’t let everyone inside at once but had to form a line outside until the line inside was shorter. the first woman checked my documents and everything was okay, she gave me a number (#21) and told me to sit down, that’s when i took the above photo. a few minutes later, my number was called and i was given another number and told to go sit somewhere else.

i waited for 10 minutes before my number (#20) was called to get my photo taken. this was probably the most pleasant part of the entire process because i used my nervous energy to joke around with the DMV worker and she was very nice.

i remember when i could renew my license through the mail, but haven’t been able to do that since 9/11, maybe that’s why i don’t like going to the DMV. what i did this morning i used to do with a postage stamp.

anyhoo, i was reading the new rules for driver’s license photos which required me to take a new photo AND remove my glasses. i only take my glasses off for two occasions and taking photos ain’t one of ’em! the last time i renewed my license, i was allowed to keep the same photo.

when i mentioned this to the state worker she explained the new rules to me and why they don’t want people smiling in photos, etc. when my old photo came up i told her i liked that one and she agreed it was a nice. my hair was longer, i was showing all of my neck and a slightly opened shirt (no, i don’t show anything to get over, just saying), i had my glasses on and i was smiling. i could get out of a ticket with that photo. now my photo is just a picture of an afro, a face with no neck which basically means if i get pulled over with that license photo my arse is getting a ticket.

i love you, DMV.


3 thoughts on “day 145 – dmv


    Val, I loved your WHOLE description of your experience. It was flawless!!!

    As you know, last year I also had to renew my licenses and the hassle I went through. OMG..going to DMV is the worst torture in the world.

    However, I had no idea about the news rules concerning smiling in your photo, because I’m smiling in my photo. I guess that must be something they changed this year?

    Great photo of the DMV office. The one here is Philly looks so much different. Yours looks so nice and clean, and well organized.

    Have a fab night, girl!


  2. v says:

    hey, ron. i guess i got a little verbose with my experience. nervous energy aftershocks. 😉

    yes, i remember your blog post about the dmv and i thought about that woman who wanted to get her photo just right. i didn’t look at my photo until i left the place. i couldn’t see it because i didn’t have my glasses on. i told the lady whatever she took, as long as my finger wasn’t in my nose, then that would be the photo. no retaking. my license sits in my glove compartment. i never carry it and now i’ll be sure not to.

    it’s an okay looking DMV, never thought about it. i guess it’s clean.

    hope you got outside today. a little windy, but not cold.

  3. “now my photo is just a picture of an afro, a face with no neck which basically means if i get pulled over with that license photo my arse is getting a ticket”

    BAHHAHhAHhAHhHAhHAHHAHh! I hate the DMV!

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