day 146 – bermuda bus

bermuda bus

i don’t usually buy souvenirs for myself when i go away, the trip is enough, but last year when i was in bermuda i bought this toy bus.  it was a reminder that i survived one of the most thrilling bus rides ever.  i’m not sure if i shared the video on this blog, maybe i have, but here’s a link to one ride.  the bus driver goes the same speed whether the road is straight or curved. they are without fear.

6 thoughts on “day 146 – bermuda bus

  1. *clapping*

    Val, I LOVE this photo!!!!! OMG…that little pink bus is so ADORABLE! It looks like a Barbie bus!

    I clicked over to your You Tube channel and watched the video because I didn’t see last year. HOLY COW! That bus was FLYING down the road! Also, I noticed the bus was on the opposite side of the road and FREAKED, until realized that’s how they drive there, like Europe.

    Hope you had a super Sunday, girl! The weather was gorgeous here, so I was outside for almost the entire day 🙂

    Have a great night….X

    • I just reread my comment and realized I left out a ‘like’ before a Barbie doll and a ‘it’ before last year.

      I think I got too much sun today – HA!

      • v says:

        Ron, I am the queen of typo. If you type it wrong I will read it right. Not sure about others who may read this blog. Sorry there is no edit feature, I love that about your blog.

    • v says:

      Hey, Ron. It is a cute bus and they really are pink. Maybe that’s why the bus drivers toss the bus around like a rag doll, they don’t like driving Barbie’s whip. Ha!
      They really do go fast and yes drive on the other side of the road. Tourists are not allowed to rent cars but a moped for that reason.


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