day 147 – a family affair

i had the day off and used most of the morning to manage/organize my finances. i almost didn’t make it out of the house, but the pain medication kicked in so i decided to give it a go. hung out with the family for a few hours and quietly made my way around to snap a few photos.


tiki torch.


martini glass.


this hat belongs to my nephew. i thought it was cute and stylish.


said nephew. he is totally not drunk, that’s just the way he looks.


i also wore my sneakers with the holes in them. must be a family thing.


the people who wanted to dance did so with drink in hand.


this should come in handy for the cleanup.


4 thoughts on “day 147 – a family affair

  1. Oh, what a FUN post, Val!

    Not only do I love all the images you captured, but the colors are AWESOME – the martini glass, the hat, the duster – AWESOME! And seeing that tiki torch reminded me of when my family first moved to Florida and we got those to put around the pool when we had parties. EVERYONE is Florida has tiki touches outside 365 days a year because they add to the tropical weather ambiance.

    And that dance? Were they doing the CUPID SHUFFLE, because that’s what it looks like. Oh, I wish I’d have been there!!!

    And of course, that last shot of you is STELLAR!

    Wasn’t the weather today, gorgeous? Perfect Memorial Day.

    Enjoy your evening!

    • v says:

      Greetings, Ron. We had a nice time and I’m glad I was able to get out to enjoy my peeps. I actually like the colors too, I used a different camera so I’m still getting used to it but with a little more use I can learn to like it. It does render a different look than what I’m used to.

      Yes, that was the Cupid shuffle dance. I couldn’t remember the name of it. Ha!

      I hope you had a great day, the weather was nice. I’m sure you took some pictures. 🙂

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