day 148 – still life

still life

in the art world this is considered a still life. in my world it’s tomorrow’s dinner.  if i can, i cook the night before for the next day.  tomorrow’s menu is chicken breast, brown rice, (which was on the stove burning while i was taking this pic) and green beans.  i love garlic (and onions) in everything and i can eat a plate of green beans for dinner.


4 thoughts on “day 148 – still life

  1. “in the art world this is considered a still life. in my world it’s tomorrow’s dinner. ”


    YUM-MY, Val! All these ingredients look so appealing! And your dinner for tomorrow sounds like something I would love. So, can you invite me over? I’ll bring a faaaabulous bottle of wine. I adore anything with garlic in it.

    Funny you shared a still life photo today, because this afternoon I was in Barnes & Noble and I was reading through several photography books that had chapters in them about still life (actually, FOOD photography).

    Love the lighting in this shot.

    Again, looks like a professional photograph for a cuisine magazine or cookbook.

    Well done, girl!

    • v says:

      ron, everything was deeeelicious! even the brown rice, which doesn’t really have a taste. throw some other ingredients in the pot and it’s not bad at all. the chicken breast was moist, and bursting with flavor. i haven’t made chicken breast in months, but i needed a different protein and had beans last week. toot toot! i still have a lot to learn when photographing food, but my pics look better than they have in the past. i love looking at ingredients, especially on a counter top basked in window lighting.


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