day 150 – vintage



it’s old and dusty.

5 thoughts on “day 150 – vintage

  1. Way cool shot,Val!

    I love where you placed the camera and the sepia lighting effect, because it really adds to the vintage feel!

    And it’s so funny to see a non-digital camera. I also have an Olympus film camera, which I never use anymore. However, it was more of a point and shoot camera. But boy, did it take great photos!

    Hope you had a terrific Thursday, girl!


    • v says:

      thanks, ron. i remember you telling me you had an olympus film camera. i think i’m going to put this one up for sale. it has been replaced with a film camera with auto focus. my old behind can’t see like i used to and i can’t focus with film at $10 a roll

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