day 151 – journal square

been through journal square many times and don’t think i ever really paid attention to the architecture.  i took photos until the security guard gave me the evil eye.


4 thoughts on “day 151 – journal square

  1. Okay, before commenting I had to Google ‘Journal Square’ because I had never heard of it, but thought that it was in NYC because of the DUANE READE store, which I’ve only seen in NY. I love Duane Reade and wish we had them here in Philly.

    GREAT shot, Val! I LOVE the shadows and highlights from the sunlight cascading between the squares. It looks 3-dimensional!

    And I also love the shadows on the floor. AND the people walking. They look like little model people on an architectural layout plan.

    Well done, girl!

    Enjoy your evening and weekend!


    • v says:

      oh no, ron? journal square is in jersey city, new jersey. it’s another way into the city. some areas are very nice, reminds me of new york too. my great great uncle used to live not far from journal square and we spent many summer days over his house cooking out in his back yard. he would give the kids 5$ and at the time i thought it was a lot of money. wait, it’s still a lot of money to me. depending on what i’m buying. he! we do have a few duane reades here in nj but CVS and walgreens are taking over.

      i never noticed the design in the “ceiling”. how weird is that. i took the bottom pic first, then i remembered to look up. 😉


      i am truly exhausted. hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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