day 155 – pencil shavings


hmmm? not exactly the look i was going for, but this one will work for now. i may have to revisit the pencil shaving.  sometimes they make for an interesting design and sometimes not.

2 thoughts on “day 155 – pencil shavings

  1. I don’t know what look you were going for, Val, but the look you captured is totally, totally WOW!

    I love the contrast in focus.The sharpness of the shaving against the blurred background. I really like that look in a photo, but not sure HOW to get it myself. One of these days we have to sit down and I need to pick your brain for some advice and tips. In exchange, I’ll take ya to lunch, okay?

    Grrrrrrrrreat shot, girl!


    P.S. wasn’t the weather flawless today?

    • v says:

      thanks ron. not loving this one, but i suppose there are some good things about it. thanks for finding or seeing the good even if i don’t. yes, pick anytime, but you best hurry. i’m borderline vegetable. it’s mush up there.

      yes, the weather was great. cool in the morning but the afternoon was fantastic as was today.

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