day 158 – crayons



seems wrong for these crayons not to be in color, but it’s raining outside and today’s mood is dreary.

4 thoughts on “day 158 – crayons

  1. Val, I absolutely LOVE that you omitted the color of the crayons in this photo. It gives more of an interesting wonderment of what the various colors are, seeing only the highlighted and low lighted shades; void of color.

    Love the whole mood of this image.

    Yeah, we’re supposed get rain all weekend. I don’t mind it, but it’s deterring people from shopping, so it’s dead in the store. Boring.

    Perfect weekend for reading a book or watching movies.


    • v says:

      thANKS, ron. i do like it because it’s different, just seems like it needs to be in color, but on some level this works too. i took a photo of crayons in color before, but never tried this look.

      yeah pooh on the rain, although today held up okay. i didn’t get out of the house until 6 and i was dragged out. i was happy to stay in bed most of the day.

      perfect day for the bed.


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