day 160 – citrus



mainly used for cooking or in tea for a sore throat.


6 thoughts on “day 160 – citrus

  1. There you go with yet, another STELLAR food photograph, Val!

    As soon as the photo loaded, I could actually taste that lemon in my mouth. My lips puckered – HA!

    My favorite thing to do with a lemon is to squeeze a wedge into a coke. OMG…it tastes heavenly!

    Truly girl, you ACED this shot!


    Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Wasn’t the weather beautiful today?

    Enjoy your evening!


    • v says:

      hey there, ron. i took a similar photo during my first 365. i’m recycling ideas, but don’t tell anyone. now i never heard of a lemon in coke, that’s interesting. i don’t drink soda, but once in a blue a sprite will pass my lips, so i’ll have to remember the lemon.


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