day 162 – captured



don’t play as much as i used to but i still love the game.  the king is done.


6 thoughts on “day 162 – captured

  1. Killer photo, Val!!!!!!

    OMG…not only do I love that it’s in black and white, but the focus you used is tre magnifique!

    And can you believe I have NEVER played chess? Only checkers. For some reason, chess always looked so hard to play.

    Hope you had a super day, girl!


    • v says:

      thanks ron. i wanted to focus on the queen in position to capture or checkmate the king. it’s always a great pleasure or moment when that happens.

      chess, i want to say is not hard, but there’s probably more to it than i know. i taught myself by using a phone app with a tutorial. used to play at work all the time and some of the attorneys there would give me pointers. now i play occasionally. it’s fun though.

      my day was okay. hope you had a good one as well. beautiful day yesterday, despite the shower.


    • v says:

      it’s an interesting game. definitely have to think because the many of the pieces can move a lot of different ways, not always forward either.

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