day 165 – looks like rain

it looked like rain most of the day but turned out to be decent and dry. no work for me today but i did step out briefly to go to Rita’s and snapped this photo.


5 thoughts on “day 165 – looks like rain

  1. HOLY COW, Val! That is one AWESOME shot!!!!

    I sat here and really LOOKED at it. WOW! It’s truly amazing!

    And I love how the sky looks against the telephone wires and bridge because it adds such an ominous feel to the whole photo.

    Today’s weather was strange wasn’t it? It looked like it was going to rain, and then the sun would POP out and look like a completely different day.

    Ooooo….Rita’s! LOVE that place! I have one by my apartment.

    Have a great weekend, girl!


    • v says:

      it’s an interesting photo, ron. not sure what to make of it. i really didn’t get in a lot of photographing yesterday. yes, the weather has been weird and not just lately. today was truly beautiful.


    • v says:

      so true, meleah. one day i wore a sweater, the next day i’m in short sleeves and the rain here is like florida. pooh.

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