day 167 – hoarders marathon

i was not very productive today. spent most of the afternoon (evening) watching hoarding: buried alive and could not look away.

3 thoughts on “day 167 – hoarders marathon

  1. Val, can you believe I have NEVER seen that show? Yet, several people I work with watch it and LOVE it!

    Great shot of the remote! And again, your focus is awesome!

    And I can’t get over how CLEAN that remote is. Mine has stains and icky stuff embedded into the plastic.

    Enjoy your evening, girl!


    • v says:

      ron, i’m addicted to the show now. oh my. probably because it’s more psychological for me than anything, trying to understand a hoarder mind, so interesting and nasty at the same time. the worse house was the roach infested house. i do not do roaches and they had roaches everywhere! totally disgusting. i think it comes on again thursday and then on sunday. i’m so going to watch again.

      that remote is new, but we have yucky/icky remotes here too, so…


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