day 169 – usps: not a fan


i don’t know why i have so much trouble with the postal service. a few weeks ago i redeemed an amazon gift card and bought myself the lovely hat seen above.

normally all my packages are delivered to my job because i’m always there, but for some strange reason i decided to have my hat delivered to the house. of course, i just missed the postal carrier and they left a “we missed you notice.”

i signed the notice with instructions to leave the box on the porch. the next day, the notice was gone, but there was no box. five working days went by and still no box.

finally i drove to the post office to see if it was there and lo and behold the postal worker emerged from the back with my box. i wanted to beat him with it, but it wasn’t his fault. the postal carrier didn’t even make an attempt to re-deliver, but tossed my box in the back. the person at the post office shook his head in disgust and wished me a good day. 


3 thoughts on “day 169 – usps: not a fan

  1. Oh noooooooooo!!!! Yup, I would have wanted to beat him with it too. But as you shared, it wasn’t his fault. But I hope the guy behind the counter beat the delivery guy with a STAPLER – HA!

    I get a lot of UPS deliveries from work that are sent to my apartment. Luckily, we have a 24-hour doorman available, so that when they deliver anything, he accepts and signs for it and then places a notice on my mailbox.

    Hey GREAT hat, Val!



    • v says:

      ron, i’m so sick of the post office. even the one in the town i work in. i’ve gone to the post office to pick up my boxes and have seen mail for our firm on the floor. the postal worker asked if i wanted to take it back to the office and i said heck no. just came to get my box. i thought my box would arrive on a saturday so i sent it home. guess not. sending it to work is a problem, sending it home is a problem. maybe i should stop shopping.

      that’s a great doorman. awesome.

      go brooklyn. i love my nets so.

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