day 171 – netted veins

netted veins


my day was uneventful and i consider this to be a good thing for a thursday.  found this leaf outside and loved the design on the back. added the water myself. 😉

3 thoughts on “day 171 – netted veins

  1. Holy macanoli, Val!


    The close focus is just amazing because you can see every tiny vein.

    And the water is the perfect touch!

    This image has such a beautiful delicacy about it.

    It’s funny because lately I’ve been photographing water drops on things and it ain’t easy.

    Well done, girl!


    • v says:

      thanks ron. i’ve been looking at this leaf for a few days and thought the back would make for an interesting photo. i love the veins. it doesn’t really look green though, best check my white balance.

      water drops are fun and cliche at the same time, especially on flowers. i think a lot of photographers use a few drops of glycerin when photographing water droplets. keeps better i guess.

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