day 173 – point pleasant beach





just left the beach and we are headed home. it got a little cold in the evening, but still a beautiful sunny day.

3 thoughts on “day 173 – point pleasant beach

  1. Val, everyone of these photos put a HUGE smile on my face!

    What AWESOME captures!!!

    That one of footprints in the sand is so cool because of the low angle you shot it at. And those colorful fish are just PRECIOUS!

    Love the sneakers as well!

    Yes, today was lovely wasn’t it? I was outside most of the day enjoying it. I actually got bit of sunburn, which means I had use some Jojoba oil on my skin – HA!

    Enjoy your evening, girl!


    • v says:

      Hi Ron. We had a nice time at the beach and I’m not much of a public beach person but it wasn’t too crowded. The boardwalk was full if people. Will go back though, it’s not far from home and was something to do. Sorry you got sunburned. Does it hurt?

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