day 174 – hot summer day

I took a much needed nap today and then I got up and went for a short walk in the park. Even though it was hot it was nice to see so many people out enjoying the day.


4 thoughts on “day 174 – hot summer day

  1. Beautiful image Val! It almost looks panoramic because you captured the vastness of the space.

    And I love the football floating in the lake!

    Yup, today was a warm one, wasn’t it? And the rain made it more humid. I hear that the next couple of days are going to be VERY hot.

    Stay cool, girl. And enjoy the rest of your evening!


    • v says:

      hey ron. you just reminded me that i need to do more panoramics. i haven’t done one in a while. perhaps the next landscape.

      what’s with the green water. blah. it used to be clear, but not any more. people fish in this pond. i noticed the football, not when i took the photo, but when i walked around to the right of it. i don’t think the water is deep. someone could have gotten it. 😉

      it was a hot one today, but i didn’t mind outside. in the car, i was baking, but still didn’t turn on the air. just wanted to inhale the heat. i sit in the AC all day.

      you stay cool too.

    • v says:

      it’s a hot one for sure mel. i remember when it was cold and waiting on the warmer weather. i shan’t complain about the heat. it’s what i wanted anyway.

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