day 175 – games people play


playing a few games this evening before hitting the sack.  i lost at monopoly, on to connect four!


2 thoughts on “day 175 – games people play

  1. ” games people play”

    HA! CLEVER post title, Val!!!

    OMG…I can’t remember the last time I play Monopoly or ANY game for that matter. Does Solitaire on my computer count? I love Solitaire!

    Fantabulous capture! Again, your focus blows me away. And I love that you have both dice turned over to 6’s.


    Enjoy your evening!


  2. v says:

    good morning, ron. we play every once in a while and as cheap as i am i always end up going bankrupt, don’t know why.

    yes, solitaire counts. i haven’t played that in a long, long time.

    the dice i just happen to roll and didn’t notice what numbers were on top. you have a keen eye.


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