day 176 – sum ting wong

ever have one of those days when something feels wrong, but you don’t know what? that’s me right now and earlier tonight i was standing in the kitchen trying to figure it out. there’s a lot of things “wrong” but nothing that wasn’t wrong yesterday. seemed like a good idea to ponder things over in the bed for the evening.


5 thoughts on “day 176 – sum ting wong

  1. “ever have one of those days when something feels wrong, but you don’t know what?”

    Okay Val, this is just too weird because all day today I also felt like something was ‘off’ and ‘not quite right.’

    I had the strangest day, I kid you not. So many of my interacts with people in stores or on the street were just off and weird. I can’t explain it fully because I didn’t understand it, but it was ODD day for me as well.

    GREAT photo, girl! Love the effect because it looks like a graphic or cartoon. VERY cool!

    Have a super evening!


    • v says:

      ron, this may sound crazy, but sometimes when i feel like something is off or not quite right, it’s because it isn’t, but with someone else that i know. sometimes i would just ask people close to me, “what’s wrong” trying to figure out who has me feeling like the planets are not aligned.

      yes, this photo was taken with my phone then i used an app to make it look like a cartoon. just noticed the light on the floor is in the shape of a heart.

      have a great day. supposed to be hot today and 100 degrees tomorrow.

      • OMG…yes, I just notice the heart as well!! How cool is that???

        Yup, today was soooooo hot and humid that it almost felt like 100 degrees. I can only imagine tomorrow – yikes!

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